Newsletter - June 2022

Our brand new tax guide makes EOFY easy 😅 plus other great resources to ensure you're completely prepared for tax time 👌

Tax time just got a lot easier for freelancers 😅

Wouldn't it be nice if there was one place you could go to get all the most vital information for filing your taxes as a freelancer?

Well, now you can! Introducing our all new, free 2022 Tax Guide for Freelancers. 

Here's a peek at what you'll learn:

✅  How to calculate your taxable income

✅  Find out what you can claim as business expenses

✅  Find out if you need to register for GST

✅  Learn how to manage PAYG and BAS

✅  Get all the information you need to file taxes

Your free copy is right HERE.

More Resources

Our Top Tax-Related Blogs:

🙌 Tax for Sole Traders - Our Tax 101 article for sole traders. 

💰 The Freelancer's Guide to BAS - Everything you need to know about Business Activity Statements.

💁‍♀️ What can you claim on tax? - Learn what you can and can't claim as business expenses.

💪 Should you register for GST? - Find out how GST impacts your taxes.

Did you know Rounded could do that?

Give Your Accountant Access to Your Data

Offer your accountant secure access to your Rounded data

Working with an accountant is a great way to make sure your taxes are done correctly on time. And with Rounded, it's easier than ever to offer them secure access to all your data. 

Click HERE for more information and instructions on how to securely share your financial data with your accountant.

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Freelance Legend of the Month

Lachlan Nicolson on the importance of packaging products

Lachlan Nicholson

Meet Lachlan Nicolson, the founder of and a Certified Business Made Simple Coach. He says that offering more products doesn’t always lead to more revenue, but packaging products together does:

“Instead of having lots of products and services (which can get confusing), focus your efforts on just a few products that solve the biggest problems for your customers–in the smallest number of transactions needed. 

For example: say you sell pet accessories, creating a ‘Puppy Package’ will make it even easier for a new dog owner to have everything they need in one ready-to-go kit, and at one simple price.” 

Right now, Lachlan is offering Rounded users a free 7-day trial to the Business Made Simple platform. 

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