Automatic tax calculator for sole traders

Rounded keeps a running total of how much tax you’ll owe, 
so you’ll never be blindsided with a surprise tax bill.

Know how much to put away with Rounded’s tax calculator

Don’t waste time with a manual calculator every time you want to check how much tax you’ll pay.

Rounded keeps you on top of your tax obligations with real-time estimates based on your income and expense data. Medicare levy and PAYG instalments are factored in automatically.

Composite graphic showing example rounded Tax Calculations

Automatic GST tracking and BAS preparation

Rounded tracks GST and automatically calculates the numbers you need to submit your quarterly Business Activity Statement via MyGov.

On average, Rounded users can lodge their BAS in under 2 minutes.

Example Australian GST figure calculations

Instant, accurate reports for your tax return

If you’ve kept your income and expenses up-to-date, you won’t need to do anything else come tax time.

Rounded generates income, expense, and profit and loss reports with a click. Use the date filter to create reports for any period.

Example Profit & Loss Statement Graphic

Detailed insights into income and expenses

Pinpoint top clients and services – and the amount you spent on each – so you can focus on the most profitable business activities.

Example Income Breakdown Graph

Securely share data with your accountant

Give your accountant direct access to your data. No more sharing spreadsheets or PDFs.

Get notified when they access your account and update their permissions anytime.

Screenshot showing ability to configure Accountant Access
Why use Rounded to calculate and prepare taxes?
  • Full oversight

    Ultimately, you’re the one who’s accountable to the ATO. Rounded streamlines tax preparation and gives you total control over the process.  
  • No new bank account

    Unlike some sole trader tax tools, you won’t need to open a new bank account or give us access to your money. 
  • Get started straight away

    Make use of Rounded’s tax calculations from Day 1. Ask the team how to import historical data to help complete previous tax returns.
  • Australian-made

    Rounded was built just for Aussie sole traders, so you can be confident we know our way around the tax system.
  • Always up-to-date

    No need to do any manual tax calculations. Enter income and expenses and Rounded will take care of the rest.  
  • Better record-keeping

    Safely store receipts, reports, and income and expenses in one place – easy to find if the ATO ever comes calling. 

I love that I can quickly find the $ info I need for my BAS and give my accountant access to Rounded for the yearly tax return. I also love that because Rounded is an Australian company they know what GST is all about. Highly recommended!

Tess McCabe
Tess McCabe Graphic Designer

As a sole trader, tax used to be something I dreaded. I hated doing my business activity statement and keeping track of my PAYG instalments. But with Rounded, I barely have to do anything! It takes about 30 seconds to pop the numbers into my BAS, and all I have to do for my income tax return is share access to my account with my accountant.

Aimie Whiting
Aimie Whiting Personal Trainer

Doing my business taxes used to be the hardest part of being a freelancer. Now, it literally takes me minutes to submit my return every year. I love the tax calculator – it makes it super easy to see where I stand throughout the year so I can make sure I have enough stashed away.

Sarah Ayres
Sarah Ayres Copywriter

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Our Ultimate Sole Trader Tax Guide has everything you need to know about:

  • Estimating your taxable income

  • Business expenses and deductions

  • Calculating GST

  • PAYG instalments and BAS

  • Lodging an income tax return as a sole trader

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