Built-in time tracking for freelancers and sole traders

Get paid for every second you spend on client work. Our time tracker is included in every plan at no extra cost.

Track time wherever you work with mobile and desktop

Accurately capture every second spent on work – whether you’re in your home office, on-site with a client, or out and about.

No add-ons or additional apps

Unlike other accounting solutions, you won't have to pay for an add-on feature or use a completely separate app.

By keeping everything inside Rounded, you won’t waste time double-handling or risk mistakes from manually moving data across systems.

Invoice for tracked time

Click to invoice after completing a project, or automatically add tracked time to your client’s next invoice.

Instantly create client timesheets

Quickly filter by project or timeframe to show only the records you need.

Track non-billable time and quote with confidence

Even if you don’t use an hourly rate, you need to know how long a job will take to ensure you charge the right price.  

See exactly how much time you spend on different projects so you can quote more accurately and feel confident billing what you’re worth. 

All your projects, neatly organised

With Rounded’s project time tracking, you can see all jobs on the go and how long you’ve spent on each. If you’ve agreed on a certain amount of hours with a client, set a budget and monitor progress.

What users love about our time tracking

Rounded's time tracker has become the key to my financial puzzle. It's helped me get hyped about completing tasks and to be firmer with scope creep. It's even given me the insights I needed to raise my rates by opening my eyes to the value of my work. The time tracker has put me on track for an awesome year.

See why over 10,000 freelancers and sole traders trust Rounded

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How do I use the time tracker to record non-billable hours?

The time tracker is automatically set to ‘Billable’. If you don’t use an hourly rate and only want to track hours worked, switch to ‘Non-billable’.

Billable hours can be added to an invoice, while hours marked ‘Non-billable’ are for internal purposes only.

Can I add time manually?

If you’ve forgotten to turn your tracker on or off, no worries. You can easily add any hours worked as a manual entry.

Do I have to use Rounded’s time tracker to benefit from other features (invoicing, expense tracking, etc.)?

If you have a preferred time tracking software you already use, there’s no need to switch. While our time tracker makes it easier to invoice and track work, you can still take advantage of our other features without it.

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