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Money management used to make my eyes glaze over, but being with Rounded has made it a game-changer. 8 years on, I’m not going anywhere!

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Freelance journalist & copywriter, Founder of Rachel’s List

I honestly check Rounded every single day - I love the dashboard!

Jessica Mudditt
Jessica Mudditt Ghostwriter, Book Coach & Author

I love how Rounded helps me wrangle my writing numbers in a creatively colourful and bamboozle-banishing way.

Vivienne Pearson
Vivienne Pearson Freelance Writer

Stop dreading invoicing day

Rounded makes getting paid effortless, whether you charge by the word, hour, or unit. We calculate the amount owed and any GST, so you can send invoices faster without fear of mistakes.

Be paid for every second

Rounded is the only accounting software for Australian freelance writers with a built-in time tracker. Record every moment spent on researching, writing, and editing – then invoice with a click. 

Create timesheets for clients or yourself, so you can see how long you spend on each type of writing and quote more accurately.

Spend afternoons editing, not adding expenses

No more tedious data entry or forgotten expenses. Rounded imports transactions straight from your bank account and creates suggested expenses for you.

Composite graphic showing AI-suggested expenses

Take care of tax in minutes, not days

Rounded keeps everything organised and creates all the reports you need for your tax return. 

See how much tax you’ll owe in real-time with our automatic calculator and ensure you have enough money set aside. No guesswork or surprise tax bills.

Composite graphic showing example rounded Tax Calculations

Get a helping hand whenever you need it

With Rounded, you’ll have an actual human to answer questions ASAP. Our typical response time during business hours is under 30 seconds.

Other features you’ll love
  • Invoice reminders

    Customise payment reminders to be sent to your clients as soon as an invoice becomes overdue.
  • Recurring invoices

    Automatically invoice for regular work. Create in draft mode to review before sending, or set to send on a preset schedule.
  • Flexible payments for clients

    Invoice in any currency and accept credit card payments. You can even add a surcharge to cover transaction fees.
  • Set earning goals

    Stay motivated with income or revenue goals each month, and watch your progress grow with every invoice paid.
  • Better business insights

    What’s brings in the most money – content, print features, or copywriting? With Rounded, you can see your top earning areas.
  • Secure data sharing

    Invite your accountant to see your data inside Rounded – no need to prepare anything or send emails back and forth.

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