Our Mission

We're here to help sole traders and freelancers build stronger and more meaningful businesses

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Image of freelancers working overlaid with graphical elements from the Rounded Accounting Platform

Made for freelancers, by freelancers

As freelancers ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find business tools made just for us. Sometimes, the needs of sole traders are overlooked or ignored altogether.

As many business tools are built for small businesses or enterprises, they're far too expensive and don't have the features that freelancers actually need.

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Designed just for Australian freelancers and sole traders, Rounded is the all-in-one system that makes it simple to get paid and keep track of your accounting.

Our Story

How it all started

Our founder, Grant, has been freelancing as a designer and developer since high school. After 10 years of hacking word docs, failing at Excel and looking lost in his accountant's office, he decided to grow up and invest in a "real" solution.

Turns out all those real solutions were made for businesses with employees or not made for Australians at all.

Being handy in Sketch and a code editor, Grant sniffed an opportunity; An invoicing and accounting made for Australian freelancers and sole traders. Twelve months later we had our first paying customers and the start of an A-grade team that would go on to help many thousands of sole traders run better businesses.

Rounded was born
Team members
Invoices processed
World Map showing Rounded staff locations all over the world.

Strength in diversity

Rounded has been remote since day one. Our team is spread across all hemispheres — Australia, Serbia, Vietnam, Paris, the USA, Mexico and the Philippines. We believe diversity makes us stronger and helps build better products for our customers.

Profit and purpose

We all have a responsibility to ensure future generations inherit a healthy planet. To do our part, we've committed 0.5% of our revenue to support technology that removes carbon from the atmosphere.

Proud member of Stripe Climate
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Our values

Putting freelancers and sole traders first
We aren’t interested in chasing big enterprise deals or building products for small to medium businesses, and we’re here to support the freelancer ecosystem for the long haul.
Transparent product vision
You know what you need to make your business run smoother. That’s why we base our product roadmap on crowd-sourced user feedback.
Unrivalled customer support experience
Forget AI – our expertly trained humans are obsessed with bringing you the best support we can in minutes.

Meet our team

Nicholas Beames photo
Nicholas Beames


When not working, he loves to scuba dive and throw his three boys around the pool.

Grant McCall photo
Grant McCall


Loves cycling, running and getting lost in nature with a camera.

Oliver Garside photo
Oliver Garside


He also loves his rugby, his family, and the odd bottle of expensive wine.

Igor Pantovic photo
Igor Pantovic

Lead Software Engineer

Enjoys playing music, video games and programming completely useless gadgets

Michelle Lota photo
Michelle Lota

Customer Support and Success Team Leader

Loves building elaborate buildings and spaceships in Lego.

Jaye Hernandez photo
Jaye Hernandez

Senior Software Engineer

Michelle Teo photo
Michelle Teo

Head of Marketing

Trevor Cairney photo
Trevor Cairney

Head of Finance

Roxanne Reyes photo
Roxanne Reyes

Customer Success Manager

Liam Carnahan photo
Liam Carnahan

Content Strategy & SEO