Effortless expense tracking

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Expenses direct from your bank

No more slow, manual expense tracking. Securely import transactions from over 100 financial institutions to get total visibility of your spending.

Composite graphic showing the ability to connect to bank feeds

Instant reconciliation with AI

Rounded’s AI learns how you reconcile transactions. Expense data will be suggested and pre-filled as new transactions appear in your bank feed.

All available suggestions can be approved in bulk, reducing hours of tedious bank recs to a single click.

Composite graphic showing AI-suggested expenses

Separate business from 
non-business transactions

Transactions that are non business related can be easily categorised and filtered out.

Composite graphic showing how expenses can be categorised to business or non-business

Store your receipts

Snap pictures of your receipts with the app as soon as you make a purchase and attach them to expense records for easy storage.

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a receipt (or missing out on a deduction) again.

Graphic showing the expense scanning features of Rounded

Detailed expense reports

Real-time expense reports show how much you spend, and on what. Just add your expenses, and Rounded will take care of the rest.

Example expense report graphics with chart breakdowns of expenses
More features
  • Reconcile on mobile

    Review expenses using the app – no need to wait until you’re in front of a computer.
  • On charge expenses

    Select expenses to automatically add to your clients’ next invoice.
  • Automate your GST

    Track GST on expenses for your BAS – no calculations necessary.
  • Recurring expenses

    Set up recurring expenses for regular operating costs, like your phone bill or rent.
  • Customisable categories

    Create custom, colour-coded expense categories to suit your business needs.
  • Smart notifications

    Get notifications when new bank feed transactions and suggestions are ready for review.
  • Set business use %

    Ensure deductions are accurate by setting business use percentages. See the total expense amount and the amount you can claim.
  • See your top vendors

    Quickly add vendors to track where your business spends the most money.
  • Flexible filters and search

    Use the bank feed filters and search function to quickly find transactions you need to review or reconcile.

Connection to my bank account is flawless, and it makes reconciliation a breeze. I highly recommend this app for any 
small business!

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