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New In March: Guides to make freelancing easier, Value pricing, and a brand new webinar series 🎉

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Introducing our guides for freelancers

Start Freelancing in 30 Days

What’s the biggest challenge you're facing with your business today?

🤔  Are you just starting out, and not sure where to start?

😤  Are you stressed about all the admin stuff that comes with freelancing?

🤑  Are you looking for ways to find new clients and grow your income?

If you said yes to any of the above, then we have just the thing for you. Introducing the brand new Rounded guides to freelancing, decided to help you launch a successful business in 30 days or less. 

The best part: They're completely free! Just click below to open the guides in a new window.

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Join our Rounded 101 Webinars

New to Rounded? Curious to learn how it works?

Come join our new Rounded 101 Webinars, free to anyone who wants to discover how Rounded helps make managing business finances quick and easy. 

You can check the schedule and register for our upcoming Webinars HERE.

Freelance Legend of the Month

Brook McCarthy on Value Pricing

Meet Brook McCarthy, a business coach and digital marketing trainer who has a special formula that helps freelancers earn more through the power of pricing. 

“Attempting to compete on price is a race to the bottom. Value pricing is understanding what is at the heart of what we’re selling. It’s not just words on the page for a copywriter, or pushing pixels for a web designer.”

Read our full interview with Brook HERE

That’s all for us this month! We’ll be back in April with more great content including a full product update and a sneak peek at our new look website!


Oliver Garside 


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