We’re helping to fund carbon removal technology

Regardless of size, location or industry, every organisation has a responsibility to minimise their carbon footprint. A commitment to reversing environmental decline and towards climate recovery must be made.

The technology sector has seen amazing growth over the last 2 decades, but a growing economy cannot outrun an unhealthy planet forever. Through a partnership with Stripe, Rounded will commit 0.5% of all our revenue to support the development of technology that removes carbon from the atmosphere. 

In 2019, Stripe pledged $1 million each year towards sucking carbon out of the sky. They’ve since leveraged the sophistication of their global credit card processing network to enable their customers, like Rounded, to join the cause by redirecting a percentage of revenue towards the Stripe climate fund.

To avoid the most devastating effects of climate change, we must cap the rise of global temperatures to 1.5°C from before pre-industrial levels. Achieving this requires a drastic reduction in current emissions and large amounts of carbon already polluting the atmosphere must be removed. 

Carbon removal technology is essential, yet grossly underfunded in comparison to green energy initiatives. Developing novel hardware technologies in an emerging field is extremely challenging and expensive. Thankfully there are innovative companies across the globe working on solutions - but they’re starved of funds. This is where Stripe and their partners come in. Each year, under the guidance of the world’s top scientific minds, Stripe evaluates and selects the most promising carbon removal technologies to fund and support. These are just some of the amazing companies within the 2021 portfolio:


Seachange leverages the power and scale of the world’s oceans and cutting edge electrochemical processes to remove carbon. 


CarbonBuilt’s process readily converts dilute CO₂ into calcium carbonate, creating a “no compromise” low-carbon alternative to traditional concrete.

Detailed information on the initiative, the portfolio and the advisory board can be found on Stripe’s Climate page

One thing is clear: climate recovery requires collective action. If Stripe is connected to your Rounded account, you too can join the program and help support and progress climate recovery. Visit the Climate settings within your Stripe Dashboard. 

We’re excited to be joining this initiative for positive change and supporting the extraordinary companies ensuring a healthy planet for future communities. 

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