Newsletter - September 2022

In September we explore how you can make the most of scheduled holiday time. This month we're also kicking off our series of specialist finance tips just for freelancers and our Freelance Legend for the month shares her advice on how to prioritise the most business critical activities. Plus we share some of the best content for freelancers from around the web

5 tips for freelancers who want to go on holiday

You're the boss. So why aren't you giving yourself time off like you'd get as an employee? As a freelancer, it can feel impossible to step away from your business. But if you don't schedule some "me time" you run the risk of burning out. 

Here are 5 tips to help you build a stress-free holiday into your schedule. 

Finance Tip Of The Month

Lauren Thiel

A few months ago we met Lauren Thiel. Lauren is Founder of - an accounting firm designed for freelance creatives based in South Australia. Lauren's clients include artists, actors, musicians, designers amongst others.

Lauren has built an expert team dedicated to providing the best financial advice to her freelance clients.

We loved Lauren's energy and passion from the outset and are delighted to be able to share her tips and advice on a monthly basis:

"Back it up, back it up, back it up! For any deduction you intend to claim in your tax return, you should be able to provide the ATO with supporting documentation (if they ever ask for it). The best approach is to take a photo or save PDF receipts the moment you spend the money. You can easily upload these into Rounded for safe keeping via the desktop or mobile app. Done and Done!"

September Freelance Legend

Lexie Mamo On PrioritisingYour Business

Lexie Mamo

"I've been using Rounded to make sure I am spending the right amount of time on marketing and managing my own business.

I set my business up as a client and set a goal to spend a minimum of two hours per week working on outreach, updating my social channels, or chasing new leads. I use the Time Tracker so I can see at a glance how much time I’ve invested in myself. I aim to spend time on this each morning after checking my emails, to make a habit out of tackling this task each day."

Lexie Mamo is a Freelance Copywriter & Social Media Consultant. Check out her portfolio here.

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Are you our next Freelance Legend?

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