Newsletter - March 2023

In this month's edition we talk to Lindy Alexander and gain her insights into how you can use email marketing to boost your business. There's the chance to revisit the brilliant pricing webinar we ran with Rachel Smith, Brook McCarthy and Lynne Testoni plus our round up of all the best freelance content on the web!

How to grow your freelance business with email marketing

Email marketing is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing for freelancers, yet it can be a powerful tool to build an audience, generate leads, and promote your products and services.

In this interview, we chat with Lindy Alexander, the creative force behind The Freelancer's Year. Lindy has used email marketing extensively in her business, and offers her best tips for other freelancers:

Webinar: Freelance Pricing Masterclass

We're teamed up with Rachel Smith (Rachel's List), Lynne Testoni (The Content Byte podcast) and Brook McCarthy (Hustle & Heart) to bring you a webinar all about rates and what freelancers can charge. Check out the recording here:

Survey Results: February

We asked "How are you feeling about 2023?"

How are you feeling about 2023?

In general, freelancers who took our survey are feeling pretty optimistic about their business in 2023. With just about one quarter of the year already over, here are a few resources that you can use to make the rest of this year a success for your business:

How to combat isolation as a freelancer

Apps, tools, and websites that make freelancing easier

How freelancers can keep their online business safe

Financial tips for creative freelancers

ICYMI: Our New Library of Advice for Freelancers

Last month, we released our latest resource: An enormous library of advice for freelancers. We gathered insights from over 70 different pro freelancers to bring you the best tips on everything from managing your money, finding your clients, and improving your work-life balance. Check out all the insights below:

Did you know Rounded could do that?

Track Your Time & Add it to Invoices

Rounded's inbuilt time tracker

Rounded’s inbuilt time tracker is the perfect solution for freelancers who need to track their time - it’s one of the app’s most used functions . Whether you’re tracking work for a client project or for your own purposes to help guide your pricing strategy everything you need is there. For more detail and instructions on how it works click here.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Rounded

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The Rounded Roundup

Our Fave Stuff From Around the Web:

The Freelancers Year: The best writing contests to enter in 2023

&Friends: 7 tips for setting yourself up as a business

Feature " I learned about boundaries the hard way"

In this candid article, Rebekah Lambert, founder of The Freelance Jungle, shares her personal experience with setting boundaries as a sole trader. From there, she offers expert advice for freelancers who struggle with this issue. 

Twitter Thread: Why freelancers struggle with pitching (and what to do about it)

Click the image to open the thread

From the Rounded Archives

SEO strategies to bring in new business

Learn how to harness the power of search engine optimisation for your freelance business.

Save time by killing your spreadsheets

Still using Excel to manage your freelance business? Here's how to ditch spreadsheets and save yourself time.

Rounded is simple accounting and invoicing software made for Australian sole traders and freelancers

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