Newsletter - June 2023

In June we tackle EOFY head on and share our Ultimate Guide to Freelancer Taxes. We also explore the best timesaving automation tools for freelancers and look back on an insightful panel discussion on how to build better relationships with your clients.

Everything you need to know about freelancer taxes!

The Ultimate Guide To Tax For Freelancers and Sole Traders – Updated for 2023!

Our 2023 Ultimate Tax guide is here, updated just in time for EOFY 🙌

So whether you’re new to tax as a sole trader or you just need to brush up on a few things, make sure you check it out!

You can download it right here 👇

Podcast - The Best Time-Saving Automation Tools For Solopreneurs

She's The Business with Jessica Osborn

How can you save more time as a solo business owner? Find out in this interview with our CMO Michelle Teo 💡

You’ll learn:

  • What automation really means and where you should look to apply it

  • Why it’s smart to invest in automation and how to figure out which ones are worth it

  • The top 5 automations every solo business owner should have

  • Tips on some great AI tools to help you manage client work (that aren’t ChatGPT)

Check out the episode here 👇

On-Demand Webinar

Learn how to build better client relationships!

Missed our webinar last month? Now you can discover the secrets to building better long-term relationships with your clients 🤝

Learn how to:

  • Brief well, and often

  • Make empathy a building block for trust and rapport building

  • Challenge Imposter Syndrome

  • Gain autonomy during a project

  • Gain a competitive edge through project management

  • Create great projects through the power of communication and collaboration

You can read the transcript here

Survey Results - May 2023

Survey Results - May 2023

Looks like most of you are ahead of the curve, with most people answering they’re already prepared!

But if you were part of the remainder who are tackling their taxes now, make sure you check out our Ultimate Tax Guide!

We’ve also included some other resources you might find handy 👇

EOFY Checklist for Freelancers and Sole Traders

What can you claim on taxes?

Digital Nomad Tax Guide

Finance Tip of the Month

Lauren Thiel - Founder of

Now is the time (before 30 June) to make voluntary self-contributions to your super if you are looking for some extra tax deductions.

Depending on some conditions (check with your super fund or accountant), you can make a contribution and then fill in an intent to claim form, submitted to your fund, and then claim a deduction for the amount of that contribution.

This brings down your taxable income and therefore should reduce your tax bill (or maybe even get you a little refund!).

Did You Know Rounded Could Do That?

Share your data with your accountant

Don't waste time emailing back and forth. With one click, you can give your accountant all the access they need. 

Get more information here– plus instructions on how to securely share your financial data.

Share data with your accountant

The Rounded Roundup

Our fave stuff from around the web

Rachel's List- Freelancer Q&A with Michelle Teo

Rounded's CMO - Michelle Teo

Our CMO Michelle was certainly busy this month! Hear about her journey as a freelancer, life as a digital nomad in Paris, and how she grew her side hustle to a community of 50,000 in 1 year 🤯

Jeremy Mura - Say Goodbye To Client Call Anxiety

Jeremy Mura

It’s normal to feel nervous before jumping on a call with a potential client, but you don’t have to be! Here’s how designer (and Rounded user) Jeremy Mura conquers client call anxiety.

More tips and advice

A word of freelance wisdom

From the Rounded Archives

A guide to freelance niches with business coach Jessica Osborn

Do you really need a niche? How do know you’ve found the right one?

We sat down with Jessica Osborn, the Niche Ninja herself, to find out everything you need to know.

Getting an ABN [Updated for 2023]

If you’re just starting out, this is a must-read.

But even if you just need a refresher or have questions, check out our ABN guide, updated for 2023.

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