Newsletter - December 2022

December is always a tricky time. Balancing finishing off the last work for the year with seemingly endless social events and inevitable moment when everyone stops answering phone calls or responding to emails. In this edition of the newsletter we explore the best set 'n forget business tips to help ensure your business doesn't grind to a complete halt during the festive period. We also share our final finance tip of the month for the year along with our favourite freelance stuff from around the web.

Get ready for 2023 with these time management tips

Somehow, 2022 is nearly at its end. Freelancers deserve some time off to enjoy the silly season and take stock of their business before the new year.

This article will help you close out 2022 and get ready for a fantastic year when you're back at work.

What’s your ‘set’n’forget’ business tip - the one thing you’ll do to keep your biz ticking over during the Xmas break?⁠

Earlier this month we ran an instagram competition with our friends at Rachel's List. We asked our freelance followers to share their best productivity tips for keeping business momentum through the holiday season whilst still being able to disconnect and get some quality downtime.

We have collated the tips into a great blog post:

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Finance Tip of the Month

Our accountant in residence, Lauren Thiel, Founder of The Real Thiel - Accounting for creatives shares December's finance tip of the month:

Lauren Thiel - Founder of The Real Thiel - Accounting for Creative Freelancers

"It can be tempting to be reactive and take care of important financial matters as they come in. But as your business grows and things get busier, you'll end up putting those admin tasks on the back burner for things like client work, strategy, marketing, and the rest of your BAU. This could mean short-term wins but long-term disasters! Instead of waiting until the last minute, reserve time for those important tasks now. Maybe that means blocking off your calendar for a bi-annual budget review, or monthly money dates to review financials, or once a week reviewing and sorting your transactions. Your future self will thank you!"

Survey Results: November

Do you use an accountant or Bookkeeper?

2/3s of respondents use just an accountant

It's a common misconception that tax accountants are too expensive for freelancers. In fact, the majority of our survey respondents have one in their corner. You can learn more about finding the right accountant or bookkeeper here:

ICYMI: Do I need an accountant, a bookkeeper, or both?

December Freelance Legend

Rosalyn Page on the Ebb & Flow of Freelancing

Rosalyn Page - Content Writer and Strategist

"There's no such thing as the 'perfect workload' for freelancers. Different folks need different amounts of work to feel satisfied. The trick is to become comfortable with the ebb and flow of work, so you can enjoy the many benefits of freelancing." 

Rosalyn Page is  a Content Writer & Strategist. Learn more about her at

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The Rounded Round Up

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