Newsletter - August 2022

In August we look at how to get paid on time, every time. We also share important information about ways to protect your online data and personal information plus we've compiled a selection of the best content for freelancers on the web!

How to get paid on time, every time

An overdue invoice is more than a simple inconvenience. It can put a serious dent in your income and destabilise your cash flow.

There are countless reasons why your client might wind up with a late payment by invoice, from mere forgetfulness to deliberate evasion. No matter the cause, you’ve got plenty of options for protecting yourself against missed payments.

We asked a group of experienced freelancers about their most trusted methods for securing cash flows and preventing overdue invoices. Here are their top tips:

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August Freelance Legend

Dave Groves on delegating for the sake of sanity

Dave Groves - Commercial Photographer (Tasmania)

"Freelancers must recognise what is holding them back, and delegate those things to others who are experts in those areas. For me that is numbers and accounting. I am hopeless at such things and for me, finding Rounded was a gift. I also have a superstar bookkeeper who I can give access to the portal (to double check my excellent work) and she can send reports to my accountant. Another problem solved."

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Are you our next freelance legend?

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Once set up, your account will be protected not only with your email and password, but also with a unique 6-digit code generated via an authenticator app or sent to you via SMS. Click here for instructions on how to set it up.

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