Newsletter - April 2023

In April we announce the launch of "Hug a Freelancer" month - an initiative from The Freelance Jungle we're proud to be supporting and sponsoring. We also take a detailed look at how to build a career as an interpreter and translator in Australia plus a selection of all the best freelance content from around the web.

Freelance Jungle is hosting the first ever Hug a Freelancer month, and you're invited to take part! 

Hug a Freelancer is a campaign to help improve relations between client and freelancers through getting the appreciation they deserve. It brings together freelancers from every corner of Australia to share knowledge, support each other, and build community. 

This program fits squarely into our mission of helping freelancers find the knowledge and confidence to run successful businesses.

Throughout the month, you can participate in community events, enjoy new blogs and resources, join discussions with other freelancers, and even have a chance to win some prizes 🙌

How to be a translator in Australia, According to an expert

Nancy Guevara - Speech-to-text Interpreter, Live Captioner, English and Spanish - NAATI Certified Translator

We're continuing to bring you inside looks at the diverse types of freelancers that make up the Rounded community. 

Our spotlight this month focuses on Nancy Guevara, a NAATI Professional Translator, Live Captioner, and Subtitler. 

As a Rounded ambassador, she’s got lots of insights on how to succeed as a translator in Australia. If you've ever considered working as a translator, then this is a must-read. 

Here's Why Author & Freelancer Tess McCabe 💓's Rounded

Melbourne-based graphic designer Tess McCabe is an author, the founder of Creative Minds, and an excellent example of what freelancers can achieve with the right talent, skills, and tools. 

One of the tools Tess uses is Rounded, and she recently wrote a blog about why she loves using our platform to manage her freelance finances. You can read her honest review right here.

Survey Results: March

Which channels do you use to market your freelance business?

The freelancers who answered our survey proved there's more than one way to market your freelance business. Networking (both in person and online) is still the #1 preferred marketing tactic. And with video marketing being the least common channel, freelancers who use this channel in 2023 will face less competition.

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Finance Tip of the Month

Lauren Thiel - Founder of The Real Thiel - Accounting for Creative Freelancers

"As your freelance income becomes more steady, try paying yourself weekly or monthly at the same rate. Set up a budget, and divide your payments into different buckets. You might have one bucket for fun stuff and splurging, one for everyday expenses like groceries, one for bills, and some for safekeeping. This kind of planning will make sure you never come up short, and give you the funds you need to pay for the lifestyle that suits you best."

Did you know Rounded could do that?

Share Invoices via a Simple Link

You don't need to send an email to share your invoices with clients! Rounded automatically creates share links for every quote and invoice you make. You can copy and paste the secure link however you like: WhatsApp, text message, Slack, or send it to a specific email address. Here's more info and instructions on how it works.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Rounded

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