Australian Bushfires: We’re supporting Wildlife Victoria

This summer has seen unprecedented bushfires sweep over the east coast of Australia. The impact will be felt by everyone, from all creatures great and small. For the entire month of January, Rounded will be donating 50 cents from every existing and new subscription to Wildlife Victoria.

Grant McCall
7 JANUARY 2020
Min read

Watching the damage unfold has been heartbreaking, but with the tragedy we’ve also witnessed the bravery of our volunteer fire services, the strength of our communities and the generosity from everyone across the world.

It’s estimated that up to 500 million animals have perished during this fire season, and we’re grateful for the amazing and selfless work being done by Wildlife Victoria (and similar organisations) to give our wildlife the support they need. The funds raised will go towards rebuilding animal shelters and providing food and care for Australia’s native and unique wildlife.

To find out more about Wildlife Victoria, head to their website. If you're looking for  ways you can help during the bushfire crisis SBS has a great article on how to help bushfire victims.

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