A simple invoicing and tax app for sole traders

No spreadsheets or overwhelming software. Rounded is made just for Australian sole traders. Send invoices, get paid, track GST and expenses so you can relax at tax time.

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What best
describes you?

I'm using spreadsheets & docs
I'm using other software


Tracking income and expenses is sporadic, messy and often inaccurate
Duplicating invoices over and over again is time-consuming and prone to errors
Tax and accounting is a headache — long nights before tax time has become normal
Spreadsheets are tedious, quickly ignored and forgotten.
Spreadsheet wrangling is a poor and expensive use of your time

Moving to Rounded

Connecting your bank makes tracking income and expenses fast and accurate
Templates remove the grunt work and potential errors from quoting and invoicing
All of your financial year and GST data is perfectly organised and ready for tax time.
Rounded's simplicity and automated features inspire consistency
Rounded is a time-maker with simple and fair pricing and great return on investment

Moving to Rounded

Designed specifically to be used by sole traders and freelancers every day
Rounded strips away all the complexity and unnecessary features found in larger apps
Rounded is built around the Australian financial year with native support for GST and BAS
Simple and fair pricing for sole traders and charged in Australian dollars
All-in-one solution; Invoicing, quotes, expenses, time tracking and reports for tax time

Other software

Often designed for larger businesses with employees or to be used by accountants
Bloated with features that are not needed by freelancers and sole traders
International apps are not designed for the Australian taxation system
Many competing applications are expensive and represent poor value for money
Rarely an all-in-one solution. Integrations required with many other applications

Eliminate the chaos around invoicing and bookkeeping

When you're a solopreneur, you need to spend your time and energy wisely. Manual systems like spreadsheets can become painful to manage — and other accounting systems for larger businesses can be overcomplicated. With Rounded, it's everything you need and nothing you don't.
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Jo Ross
Fantastic accounting app! I've been using it for over 6 months now and it's such a stress relief! The invoicing system is simple easy and just works! Connection to my bank account is flawless and it makes reconciliation a breeze. I highly recommend this app for any small business!

Jo Ross, Artist

All-in-one System

Everything you need, in one place

Send invoices

Send beautifully designed quotes and invoices in minutes.

Track expenses

Say bye to paper receipts with digital tracking and bank feeds.

Get paid

Get paid 3x faster in multiple currencies and payment options.

Easy tax returns

Rounded handles your GST, BAS and calculates your estimated taxes.

Do everything on mobile

Our mobile app lets you send invoices and track expenses on-the-go.

Integrated time tracker

Easily track your billable hours and link it to your client invoices.

Work smarter, not harder

Rounded automates the admin — so you can focus on your business.

Award winning support

We pride ourselves in unbeatable customer service.

Composite image of smiling woman on mobile, overlaid with graphical elements showing the simplicity and time saving elements from Rounded.
Save time

Simplify it all— so you can work less

Rounded automates repetitive workflows, so you can spend more time getting paid and doing what you love. From recurring invoices, expenses, payment receipts, to chasing up slow paying customers for you — Rounded is a smarter way to do business.
Luke Mallinson
I run my own creative business and Rounded is great for quoting, invoicing and keeping track of time and expenses. Way cheaper than the other options I have used previously.

Luke Mallinson, Creative Director

Stay in Control

Know exactly how your business is going

Rounded's dashboard and reports show how your business is performing, at a glance. Quickly see how much money is coming in and what's outstanding. View your highest paying clients and where all your expenses are going — so you can make better decisions on what to do next month.
Stay in control of your business
Sarah Turner
I've been a Freelancer for 20 years, used Xero but found it far too complicated & an extremely high month to month cost to do more than 5 invoices per week. This program has it all for just a small yearly fee — instant help online chat, simple user interface and they take suggestions seriously and update the program as they go. Definitely recommend!

Sarah Turner, Camera Assistant

Laura Russo testimonial
Laura Russo
Freelance Editor and Writer
Fees are comparatively low and save me SO much time that it actually saves me money when compared to the tedious hours I used to spend fiddling around with Excel spreadsheets. I feel super organised and confident with my finances now.
Jo Ross testimonial
Jo Ross
Blue Wren Creations
Fantastic accounting app! It's such a stress relief! The invoicing system is simple easy and just works! Connection to my bank account is flawless and it makes reconciliation a breeze. I highly recommend this app for any small business!
Simon Woodard testimonial
Simon Woodard
Web Developer
Great app. Simple to keep track of business finances.
Monika Falcon testimonial
Monika Falcon
Has changed my accounting game! Perfect for sole traders. Easy to use & can do everything from my phone or computer. Highly recommend!
Jennifer McKee testimonial
Jennifer McKee
Environmental and Agricultural Consultant
Simple to use, everything you need to manage your accounts, invoices and projects.
Karen Bloomfield testimonial
Karen Bloomfield
Brilliant. Easy and works well. My accounting, invoicing and tax has never been easier.
Naomi Lewandoski testimonial
Naomi Lewandoski
Vocal Coach
Easy to use, support is immediate, friendly and fixes the issue. Rounded has made my account keeping so simple with everything in one place.
Moo Baulch testimonial
Moo Baulch
I find Rounded easy and intuitive to use. It's the perfect match for my small sole trading environment. Great, responsive support from the team too. Highly recommended!
Johnny Trinham testimonial
Johnny Trinham
Trinham Technologies
I’m no book keeper so I love the simplicity of Rounded, and the way it helps me to feel in control of my finances. Their support is second to none with a helpful team always at the ready. As a small business owner this is exactly what I need.
Chris Rulewski testimonial
Chris Rulewski
Singer and Songwriter
Perfect for a sole trader business. Easy to learn. Easy to use and has a similar experience between desktop and mobile.
Mark Valenzia testimonial
Mark Valenzia
Freelance Web Developer
The Rounded team have created an amazing app for freelancers and anyone just wanting to track their expenses and side projects. Nice UI and UX which can be hard to find these days. Two 👍👍up.
Bradley Nunn testimonial
Bradley Nunn
Service Technician
Good layout, very easy to navigate through. Enjoying the experience.
Nik Babic testimonial
Nik Babic
Real Photography
Cannot recommend Rounded enough! They explained how the software works and answered my questions within 2 mins. These guys go over and beyond to deliver the best possible experience. Easy to set up and i use as a sole trader! 11/10 highly recommend Rounded!
Katie Danaher testimonial
Katie Danaher
Medico-legal editor
Before Rounded my fortnightly invoicing was a headache and took far too much time. Rounded is exceptionally user friendly and the people very approachable, responsive and keen to assist with any questions that I may have. I highly recommend Rounded.
Leonie Waldron testimonial
Leonie Waldron
Chameleon Copywriting & Content Marketing
Just brilliant. Does everything I need as a sole trader. No complicated rubbish, just the important stuff you need to keep your business running. Great support too. Highly recommended for Aussie micro businesses.
Olivia Ferraro testimonial
Olivia Ferraro
Marriage celebrant
I need an accounting program that is straight forward and efficient. Rounded joined my party and boom, invoices and keeping track of my finances didn’t feel like a chore. Seeing everything in one place, has been a game changer.
Sarah Turner testimonial
Sarah Turner
Camera Assistant
I found Xero far too complicated and expensive for more than 5 invoices per week - Rounded has it all - for just a small yearly fee - instant help online chat, simple user interface and they take suggestions seriously and update the program as they go.
Marie Angel Albanese testimonial
Marie Angel Albanese
Love it, love it, love it. Rounded is the most easiest to use. I've used Xero wasn't happy with it. NOW on top of the world. The staff behind it are amazing, they answered all my questions I had. Thank you ladies and guys. Best ever app
Michael Osborne testimonial
Michael Osborne
Voice Actor
The best accounting software I've ever used for my business!
Melissa Gerke testimonial
Melissa Gerke
Freelance SEO Copywriter
I thought I was quite happy using a spreadsheet for my accounting, but for Australian freelancers, it is so much better. It links to my bank account, helps me with tax and also accepts credit card payment. It makes me look more professional.
Sarah Holder testimonial
Sarah Holder
Virtual Assistant
I've been using Rounded for just over 12 months now. I was nervous switching over from the free software I was using prior to that, but I needn't have been. I most certainly have seen a return on my investment in terms of time saved with my bookkeeping.
Joh Kohler testimonial
Joh Kohler
Rounded has made my life so much easier! Invoicing clients is a breeze and my clients now pay me quickly. Tracking expenses as I go makes tax time way less time consuming. And as a newbie to charging GST, BAS is so simple and pain-free.
Ruby Brown testimonial
Ruby Brown
I love Rounded. I appreciate the beautiful, user-friendly design which makes it so easy. The support is AMAZING. I used to forget to do it all the time but the user-friendly design actually makes it pleasant, so I feel super organised and on top of things!
Missy Dempsey testimonial
Missy Dempsey
Graphic Designer
Rounded has streamlined my invoicing, quoting, tax and general accounting – my only regret is that I didn’t hear about this product sooner! Before Rounded I dreaded EOFY, PAYG and every other ATO related acronym that comes with being a sole trader.
Dr Sonja Vanderaa testimonial
Dr Sonja Vanderaa
Trauma and Behaviour Consultant
Rounded has saved me so much time! Turning quotes to invoices and receipts is simple. The bank feed helps me track expenses and income. With Rounded, I feel like I have a colourful and brilliant personal assistant.
Sallie Davies testimonial
Sallie Davies
Miss Sallies Cuisine
Excellent system. The support is easy to access and they are very good and precise. I have been using Rounded for about 2 or 3 weeks now and this app saves me doing so much manual admin. Totally worth it.
Andrea Lovell testimonial
Andrea Lovell
I have recommended Rounded to a number of people and have actually shown them how it all works; I can’t speak highly enough of this very accessible software particularly for small business owners.
Chris Betcher testimonial
Chris Betcher
The way Rounded works just makes sense to me. The invoices are beautifully designed, the payment tracking makes sense, and the overall design of both the website and the app are delightful to use. Wow, did I just call an accounting tool delightful?
Debbrah Oxby testimonial
Debbrah Oxby
Transformation Coach
Rounded awesome. It is easy to use and the tech support is outstanding. They are also open to suggestions. Highly recommend for sole traders or small business.
Patrick Jones testimonial
Patrick Jones
I had doubts that I’d find a better accounting app in Australia, but Rounded has proved me wrong. All the features I need are there, including Stripe for invoice payments & reporting for tax time. The app is well designed, packed w/ features & easy to use.
Justin Valentino testimonial
Justin Valentino
Photographer / Videographer / DJ / Music Producer
Stumbled upon Rounded when searching on Google. First of all, their support and customer service is some of the best I've seen! I'm a bit of noob with all this stuff but they make it super easy and simple to follow 🙂 Thanks guys!
Richard Le Bas testimonial
Richard Le Bas
Sabel Customer Success Solutions
Great app and very easy to use. Allows me to do what I need on the road and access and send invoices as well as recording expenses. Amazing support from the Rounded team too.

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