Why Choose Rounded

Mission: make business better for freelancers and the self-employed. Uncomplicated. And maybe even a little fun.

Never in history has there been a better time to pursue your own professional paths. Unfortunately not all business tools have kept pace with this movement. As freelancers ourselves, we know (a little too) well how this feels.

Our story

We're obsessed with making work better for the self-employed—sole traders, freelancers and soloists.

10 years as a freelance designer and developer taught our founder Grant a lot about running a solo business. But when every other aspect of his business was down to a fine art, the elephant in the room was getting louder: he’d tried dozens of accounting platforms, and caused himself nothing but hours of manual work trying to get his finances tax-ready.

The tipping point came one chilly Melbourne morning when Grant—quite literally—tipped a box of paper receipts onto his accountant’s desk. Two hours later, Grant walked out of that office with a new mission: to build an accounting platform that makes work better for the self-employed.

Every member of the Rounded team lives by its 3 simple mission statements:

1. The best customer support in the world

During regular (and often irregular) human hours, we'll get back to most questions in minutes.

2. Small, fast and always open

We never stop improving. Our small team makes changes fast, inspired by the people who use the product. Our users contribute to our roadmap, and we like it that way.

3. For sole traders, by sole traders

That's how it began, and that's how it'll stay. It's why micro business owners across the world thank us for getting it. Rounded is for you, and only you.

So you'll find that Rounded is easy on the eyes and even easier on the brain, solid on support, and heavy on happy. Give it a go. It changed our lives, and it might just change yours.