Yes, you can manually add or log time against a project. For example, you were at a client site and you need to log this time against the project to be billed to the client.

To log time

  1. From the top menu, click Time Tracking. The Time Tracking page displays. If you haven’t set up a project, you will be prompted to add a new project.
  2. On the Time Tracking page, click Log Time.  The new time entry panel slides out from the right.
  3. Complete the fields as below: a. Description: Add a description of the task. b. Project: Select a project you want to log time against. c. Hours/Minutes: Type in the hours/minute spent on this task. d. Date: Select the date for which you want to add the time entry for. e. Hourly rate: This field is automatically populated when you select a project.
  4. Click Add Time Entry to log time against the project. This time entry will be recorded and displayed on the Time Tracking tab.