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The self-employed

All our Rounded users share a similar mission, but on the surface, they couldn't be more different. Rounded works for solo businesses of all kinds: from dumpling designers to Italian sportscar refurbishers.


Beautifully simple invoicing

Create personalised, professional invoices in less than a minute. Add your logo, choose your fonts and colours let Rounded deal with the payments and reminders.

Invoices at a glance

  • Custom logo, fonts and colours
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Automatic overdue reminders for you and your client
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Invoice in multiple currencies
Invoice logo
Invoice from Sam Reginald
Exploding Pixel Designs
134 Baker St, South Melbourne
Victoria, 3205
61 3 4577 1234
ABN: 12 234 456 987

The devil's in the dumplings

With a lifetime of successes as a professional chef under her apron, Angie Chong was ready for a move to something smaller; something more intimate. She opened her home to strangers, teaching the art of dumpling making, and bringing people together for a small bite of joy.

Angie Chong The Humble Dumpling
"I'm not really a maths person and I'm pretty terrible at Excel! So seeing my income, expenses, profit and loss in customisable graphs has been essential."
Angie Chong - The Humble Dumpling

Find that extra hour

Rounded is the PA you've always dreamed of for your photography business. Automate those time-sucking and brain-draining tasks like expense management and chasing up slow paying customers.

The tools to grow

The devil is in the details. Rounded’s insights and reports let you know exactly where you're making money and where you’re not. The data to help you make decisions is at your fingertips.

Fast online payments

Giving your clients more options to pay is the key to getting paid faster. Rounded integrates directly with Stripe so you can accept credit card payments for your invoices.

Effortless expense tracking

Running a photography or video business is expensive! All the travel, insurance, software, and the never-ending lust for the latest and greatest gear!

Expenses at a glance

  • Snap photos of receipts using Rounded mobile
  • Set and forget recurring expenses
  • Track taxes on expenses like VAT and GST
  • Organise expenses by category
  • Import expenses from your bank
  • All the reports you need for tax time
Dropbox subscription
Adobe creative cloud
Spotify monthly
Vodafone bill
Airbnb stay Milan
Uber trip for business

Healing hands

After five long years juggling university and a retail job, Danielle turned her passion for healing into a fully independent solo business. As an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Human Biologist, today Danielle helps women with hormonal imbalances fulfil their dreams of becoming mothers.

Danielle Maguire Acupuncturist
"Sending quotes and invoices from my phone is a massive time-saver. They make me look professional and keep me organised. All the information I need is in my pocket."
Danielle Maguire - Acupuncturist

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate my data?

If you're able to export your existing data into a CSV file we'll be more than happy to help you move your data across to Rounded.

Is my data safe?

Rounded protects your personal information with industry standard SSL and encryption so your business is always safe and secure.

Do I need to install anything?

Nope, Rounded is a cloud application which means your data is always available from any devices with a web browser.

Do you have mobile apps?

Sure do! Rounded is available on both iOS and Android.

Can I suggest features and improvements?

We love feedback! Transparency and a willingness to listen to our customers is at the core of who we are. Check out our public roadmap and feel free to add your ideas and suggestions.

What if I need help?

We're a little obsessive when it comes to support! Get in touch with us via our in-app chat and one of the team will be with you in a few minutes.

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